Maybe what I need is a French Adventure

Sometimes in life you find yourself inside that glass cage of apathy. You are perfectly aware of what happens on the outside. You even know exactly which emotions you should use to interact with the outside. But the emotions have been shelved and you’re comfortable in the place where nothing touches you. Besides what would be the point to venture out when words taste of ash and reality is a grey autumn?

In those instances it’s better to stay put and feed your heartlessness easily digested scraps of brightly lit adventure. Like The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec. It’s a charming action adventure with an urban fantasy approach to the early 20th century. A dashing and brave young journalist named Adéle Blanc-Sec hunts treasure and the occult in an attempt to reinvigorate her catatonic sister. It’s a camp thrill with cartoonish characters and a twinkle in its eye. Adéle is hilarious and resourceful, no-nonsense and successful. Plus she rolls her eyes as well as Cara Mason and has no time for a male love interest. Which makes her rare and kind of beautiful.

It fluttered across my cheek like a mild wind, leaving no lasting traces, but for a second warming my skin. 

Maybe that’s the first step to something more.



~ by Ape on August 26, 2014.

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