AC/DC of Fandoms and Ladycops.

There’s an AC and a DC to fandoms. Sometimes the fandom and the fiction just spurs endless creativity in you, it makes you productive and it makes you want to be productive. You write fic, you discuss, you just submerge yourself and become part of the fandom. Then there are those times when you sit on the sidelines. This doesn’t mean you love either the fandom or the fiction any less then when you’re full of creativity. It just means that sometimes you become a consumer. You devour anything you can get a hold of. Gorge yourself on what the fandom produces without perhaps counter-producing anything of your own.

They’re two sides of the same coin. Love and adoration can’t always wear the same face. And a fandom that inspires is as important as the one that fulfills to a point where you become content in consumption. But I’d lie if I said I wasn’t a little uncomfortable when I find something I feel like I can’t contribute to. It makes me feel a little ungrateful. My flailings do not feel heavy enough to be able to become dialogue between me and the rest of the fandom. Still there are times when that’s all I’ve got to give. But I’ve got those in abundance. They’re everywhere. And maybe that’s a contribution in itself, the positivity and pleasure.

Due to the new teaser trailer I’m currently reading all the N&N fanfic and being that ultimate consumer, hence the post. Not quite sure what it is about that verse that makes me so passive though. It’s just one of those that I adore, completely, but I only want to take from it. Greedily I suck up what others have to give, but give nothing back. There’s a nasty kind of entitlement in that, but I seldom come across something that’s actually aimed at a target audience where I’m the main demographic so I can’t help wondering if that’s part of my reluctance to partake. It’s just one of those rare exceptions where I don’t have to twist, turn or queer the content to feel satisfaction. Maybe it’s the equivalent of six hours into a roadtrip when you’ve spent six hours behind the wheel and then get to give it up for a friend you trust and go sleep in the backseat. I drove through the first and second season of Rizzoli and Isles, I stayed awake through the painfully bumpy road through the teenage wasteland that was the first three seasons of glee, I’ve yawned deeply but kept awake during OITNB’s bisexual love triangle and done my best to fight off the Sandman and keep my focus on the road as I watched Orphan Black’s queer lady take ill. But now it’s my time to sleep, and snack and not focus on the road, but rather give up control and that I can do so knowing I won’t get driven off a cliff or into a ditch. I can nap and when I wake up, because I will wake up safe and sound, we will still be on the right track.

I don’t know. Anyhow here’s the trailer. It’s enjoyable.


~ by Ape on September 3, 2013.

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