“It’s a goofy thing, but I just gotta say-“

For the past two years I’ve lived in the same place. I’ve stayed cemented. And in the past year I haven’t done anything that really challenged me outside of my comfort zone. The closest I got was last summer when I went on a roadtrip through England. That was fun, not because England in any way serves newness or a challenge, because it’s really grown to be a second home. But the challenge came in the driving itself. Now it’s not every day that you get to drive on the wrong side of the road or have that responsibility of being sole driver on a trip like that. It was challenging and a helluva lot of fun, but my comfort zone wasn’t truly challenge just mildly tested. And I’ve gone round and round in the same tracks ever since.

So perhaps it is no wonder that I am twitching and aching to be on my way with this Eurotrip that I have planned. And when I say planned I mean not planned at all. I have a Interrail Pass and a ticket down to Copenhagen tomorrow. Beyond those two points there are no plans. There are no restrictions. It’s me, a decent enough budget that should last 2-3 weeks and a set of clothes that will last me a week before I’ll have to find a way to either do laundry or turn them inside out and hope people’s sense of smell is severely damaged.

I need this like fish need water. I can hardly remember the last time I did something that went beyond sleep and eat. I can’t remember the last time I allowed myself a rush and allowed myself to not care about conventions and just go do my thing. It’s moments like these that fuel me for the rest of everything. It’s also moments like these when I get to become a travelling philosopher that I find the strength to be able to deal with my own mind when the mundane and anxiety later on will strike like lightening.

And to make sure this post doesn’t end on a serious note.


~ by Ape on July 22, 2013.

2 Responses to ““It’s a goofy thing, but I just gotta say-“”

  1. Have fun, my friend. Update when you can

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