I’d throw my pie for this show.

This weekend I got a little lost in Netflix new original series Orange Is the New Black. And boi was that a pleasant experience.

Funny as hell, poignant to the point it hurts and your eyes get misty, empowering themes and stories full of realism. It’s like the perfect lecture on intersectionality and feminism without ever coming across as a lecture. Mostly I think because it’s sneaky television, real damn sneaky television. The kind where they start off by selling you things you recognise, your assumptions are being pampered and lured into a false sense of nothing will ever change. Only for you to be rather rudely awakened as the stories and the season progress to a point where the tropes you thought you knew are used to smash the tropes you spent the beginning of the season accepting. They spend thirteen episode telling you beautifully tragic and emotionally true stories and meanwhile making you realise that even in fiction there is such a thing as critical thinking and “show, don’t tell”. Better yet they’re kinda unapologetic about showing us that truth is a contextual thing that does not come in one natural flavour.

Featuring an ensemble cast so diverse it is a rare gem in itself and pretty much completely unheard of considering it is almost all-female. It’s a show that deals with patriarchy, gender, respect, love, race, sexuality, religion, standards, norms, injustice, strength, agency, pain and understanding. And it’s an incredibly layered experience because of it. What you see at first glance, what you think you have to accept, is never the end result. It’s a beautiful thing to watch that progress. It’s a beautiful thing to experience, going from slightly annoyed, a little defeated without knowing it to becoming happy and hopeful.

It feels new. It feels fresh. It lives up to the original series label.

But maybe I shouldn’t say more, because half of the experience really was having all my shitty and sad assumptions shattered while getting to enjoy beautifully written and acted television. The story and character development was just off the hook, mind blown a little. In the best of ways, even if the finale did leave me hurting, hurting real bad.

Watch it, even if you have doubts stick with the show, in the end you’ll be pretty ecstatic you did. Or I was. If it weren’t for the intense pain on behalf of the characters I got to know I’d be dancing around my room doing a CeCe Peniston impression.

I would link you to the trailer, but that sorta feels pointless because it doesn’t even come close to describing what the show is really about. But I will give you the intro. Here you go.


~ by Ape on July 15, 2013.

4 Responses to “I’d throw my pie for this show.”

  1. Gads, I want to see this. Especially after reading your post.

    • It’s ridiculously good and will break your heart so damn hard you don’t know what to do with what’s left of it. Kinda. But in a good way. I promise.

  2. Just started watching it and really enjoy it. Most of the nudity seems gratuitous, but other than that great social commentary.

    • I honestly quite like the nudity. It’s mostly centred around scenes where it makes sense and the majority of it, except for Piper/Alex shower and Nicky/Morello’s sex scene none of the nudity is actually sexulised. And that’s so damn rare it makes me full of happy sighs.

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