I’m sitting in darkness. I can’t see anything. Useless eyes. Not even any shades. It’s utter and complete. I can’t even tell where I end and the pitch black darkness begins. It’s a sludge. We’re the same. I am the darkness as much as the darkness is something that surrounds and beats down on me.

I need a hero. But I’ve got the wrong DNA. I have all the wrong genes. I don’t get heroes. I must create heroes. Maybe that isn’t a burden, maybe it’s a gift. But it’s also a heavy load. It means I’ll never be able to rest, I’ll never be protected. I’ve got to spin spin spin the web that surrounds me. If I stop it goes away. If I stumble it becomes a mess.

Paranoid egocentrism that isn’t neccesarily far off.


~ by Ape on June 26, 2013.

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