It seems like such a queer adventure.

Accidentally watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel this morning and was reminded of how interesting ageing seems to be. Partly because growing old is the ultimate queerness in the culture we’ve created. It’s something no one speaks about other than in hushed whispers containing a lot of death and retirement home comments, it’s mostly a forgotten, something repressed by the collective obsession of static and youthful immortality. Ageing has no room in a world where Marilyn Monroe and James Dean are ideals highlighted and turned into myths and a biological kind of religion. We’re told that youth should be eternal, that our bodies are temples that should do like the Catholic Church and vegetate into a frozen moment unaffected by the passage of time.

So we pretend old age is a side-effect some of us unlucky few might have to endure as a price for the youthful years of potential fertility and strong bones. In turn old people become queer as fuck by simply being. It’s rather glorious in many ways. You become culturally unstable and almost lawless by the simplest acts such as loudly occupying space other than your deathbed. This means there is so much room for adventures, there’s so much room to finally break free of those last tethers pulling us down and holding us tight against the norm. Because no matter what you do, there is and will never be any way in which you can fulfill the current norm. It’s a lost cause that opens up a whole world of new doors for you to walk, roll or hobble through.

Obviously it is like any other adventure, it’s what you make of it. But I still find myself looking forward to this adventure where your existence becomes a thorn in a sick and twisted society that tolerate you at best. A time in your life when such a simple thing as wearing colourful shoes will make you seem like full-blown radical. It takes so little to upset, because your mere existence is a mortal reminder that chafes and burns in people’s minds and eyes.

I find myself thinking about exploring that new terrain with a huge smile on my face.

(Other stuff that makes ageing seem super cool, Advanced Style)


~ by Ape on June 21, 2013.

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