Fragments by Marilyn Monroe

This is one of the biggest literary surprises I’ve experienced. Not because I was under the impression that she was a dumb blonde, because clearly the lady was far from that, but because I never realised her literary interest wasn’t focused single-heartedly on the consumption of fiction. Rather she was quite the impressive poet in her own right. What’s even more…I want to say disturbing, because of the intensity of emotion it produced, was how poignant this collection of journal entries and context-less poetry was. Part of the reason it cut so deep was probably the voyeuristic feelings it triggered, because there is no doubt that you are reading a person’s innermost thoughts and feelings which probably were never meant to be seen or read by any other. So you become the hound, the sleazy, the stalker, objectifying and invading a world that shouldn’t be yours, at the same time as you can’t let go of the beauty it sets off inside of you. That is the only taint to an otherwise beautiful collection of poetic prose and self-analysis that cuts across time and perceived boundaries in its relatable simplicity.

I found myself bawling my eyes out as I ploughed through this collection. Not merely because you with 20/20 hindsight follow an emotionally eloquent person’s struggle with their world, demons and suicidal thoughts, but also because there is something very straightforward about these paragraphs despite the lack of linear coherency.

As a consequence of the broken beauty in her writing the popularly celebrated icon of a movie star begin to evoke a deep nausea (more so than previously). It breaks off a mask and force you to face the decay we’ve fooled ourself into thinking is synonymous with culture. Driving home, like a stake to the heart, that we never allow each other to be more than our own false gods. Deities to be mass-consumed, turned into graphic pulp and left to trickle down into our half-rotten guts. Abuse the entertainment of the masses, you yourself included.

But despite the circumstances there is a undeniable dark beauty in this invasion. I can only imagine how radiant it would have been if we’d been invited as guests.


~ by Ape on May 19, 2013.

2 Responses to “Fragments by Marilyn Monroe”

  1. beautiful… I’ll have to look into it!

  2. I am so interested in reading this collection now. Thank you so much for this blog.

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