I’m here to see a barber about a holiday.

On Thursday I’m going on a much needed and longed for holiday in the sun. I’ve got my fingers crossed I’ll get some warmth, preferably some sun, old impressive architecture, interesting history and a decent amount of shopping. Not to mention delicious food and maybe some flamenco too. All of those things I long for and will be worth the trip in itself, but to truly get the most out of any holiday you need a theme, you need spiritual and emotional direction. You need to travel not just outside of your geography but stretch your comfort zones a little. You add the taste you want, the flair you feel will be needed to break away from the mundane. Travelling becomes a play. A live action adventure where you are allowed some extra space to maneuver in.

This time I’ve decided I need some old school glamour in my life. I mean spring time with the gentle Mediterranean winds ruffling my hair, exotic fragrances playing in my nostrils, well the choice was obvious. It’s a Clark Gable kind of dapper exploration that is bound to happen. Greta Garbo’s aloof sauntering grace across plazas. With a touch of Cary Grant’s subtle flamboyance as the ghosts of a tumultuous history breathes out across your exposed skin. Not just glamour of the flesh and cloth, but a clamour for the soul glamour.

That and I’ll probably mount a lot of things. That’s usually what happens when I go away. Non-sexual, but symbolic mounting. It’s a thing that I feel very comfortable with as long as we do not discuss Freud and who in their right mind would want to do that?!

So until Thursday I’ll be taking my time finding the right cravat and satin shirt, and spend my evenings listening to Cab Calloway and Ruth Brown. Getting groovy with the vibes of a shallowly glamourous Hollywood past that I intend to live for the duration of my holiday in the Spanish sun. Now bring on the artifice and leopard print as I fake-make it.


~ by Ape on March 10, 2013.

One Response to “I’m here to see a barber about a holiday.”

  1. Happy travels. Will look forward to hearing the details upon your return.

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