“Time is on my side.”

I fell, tripped on my shoelaces, got drunk, lost my way, lost my shoes and somehow ended up on the right path.

That’s the best way to describe my life I think, the funny thing though is that I feel like I’m on the right path without having any idea where I’m heading or where I am. But I’ll gladly hum a little song under my breath and follow this road that is neither yellow nor brick but I’m still fairly certain will lead me to a wizard. Or by the last to a misunderstood green witch. Preferably to the misunderstood witch, I think.

Maybe it’s because I’ve never considered life to be about preplanned details. I’ve never envisioned a future, much less my own. I’ve got plans, but seldom plans that exceed the time span of a few years at a time. And my plans are usually as abstract as the shape of summer day cumulus clouds. They’ve got a feel and with an effort and some imagination they can be forced to fit our mind’s preconceived notions of the tangible.

Still, yesterday I sank down into a comfy chair after work, and as I emitted a sigh and my mind began to digest the day that had gone by I realised this is where I’m supposed to be right now. It was a weird and surprising revelation due to where I am right now being the result of a gamble and a flippant throw of the dice.

But maybe that’s what life always is.


~ by Ape on March 5, 2013.

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