“I have learned – sometimes if you have a thing, the reason for the thing is that you have it!”

Don’t you just love getting a “thing” for an actor!?

You watch them in a performance and there is something there that grips at you and tugs at your heartstrings enough to manipulate you like a puppet of immature and underdeveloped emotion. Most of the time you can’t pinpoint what it is that attracts you, but there is something there that goes beyond the physical and becomes pure¬†multifaceted¬†fascination. You get hung up on the details of their performances, sometimes even the details of their selves. The fascination becomes a churning, swirling force that drives you into watching as much as you can of their work. Often that ends with you rewatching stuff you’ve already seen, but back when you first saw it, then the fascination was non-existent and therefore you didn’t really register the actor as more than a pleasant side-note. But now, now in the light of this intense scrutiny of details and being unable to get enough of them and their work you’re suddenly soaking it all up again, from a new perspective where everything becomes vibrant and a little intoxicating. It’s as if a painting suddenly stepped out of its frame, stretched, yawned and became a three dimensional individual able to touch and tease you with its suddenly tangible fingertops. I like it. Even if it’s a little scary how your perceptions can change so rapidly and profoundly, all because of a series of minor details stacked upon each other until you find yourself breaking and snapping under their collective pressure. And suddenly there you are with an heightened attention that can almost (or is that supposed to be- only?) be described as obsession.

Either way, it is such a simple pleasure to “discover” and venture along an actors career. Kinda like learning to read a foreign language and having a world of new books available to you.



~ by Ape on February 24, 2013.

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