Old Friends/Bookends.

I’m reading an old friend, Hurricane Watch by Melissa Good, and I find myself doing so with a perpetual goofy smile on my lips. I haven’t read this sucker in years, but I was walking around the library looking for something to take with me home the other day, and found this one looking abandoned and terribly under-read between all the other Gs. So I took it with me home and now I’ve got thirty pages to go.

Revisiting Dar and Kerry was accidental, but damn it is lovely. They’re so perfectly flawed and geeky to the limit. And every single good thing about Xena Warrior Princess and Xenites come back to me as I read and make me terribly nostalgic and full of happy emotions whirling around in a little swirly-loop inside my chest.

The books are mostly well-written fluff, but it isn’t pointless, because even the fluffiest of scenes serve as a plot point and are at their core about character development as much as they are about giving your heart a bear hug and your dreams a boost of romance. After too many bad romance novels I’d forgotten how good it feels to be showered with purposeful evolution.

And as if Melissa Good’s writing isn’t a treat in itself I will forever treasure this series as the first novels in which I encountered not only a lesbian hero (x2) but also a female protagonist with ADHD. It blew my mind a little the first time around and it still ensures that the goofy smile follows me up and down the pages and across the many adventures Dar and Kerry venture on.

Never underestimate the value of being able to mirror yourself in the fiction you devour. Or being allowed to see your own person reflected back at you, for once painted as the hero of the tale, and not a by-product of someone else’s story.

To my extreme joy and equally extreme fearful excitement I learnt that there is actually a new and recent instalment to this series. There are adventures to be had on which I haven’t gone before. This is scary, because I’ve grown to love these characters so much that I am a little fearful of where and what will happen to them. At the same time I couldn’t resist going after this new fix even if I tried. It’s a drug and an addiction from which I shall never be free or clean. But I’m okay with that. I only hope the inevitably goofy smile is enough to tide me over any pain I might have to suffer vicariously as the journey continues into the unknown.

Bottom line, I bow down before you, Ms Good. Your books are a joy and so is your imagination. Thanks for sharing both.


~ by Ape on January 24, 2013.

2 Responses to “Old Friends/Bookends.”

  1. I usually just read you but this post pulled me out of the read-only zone. I just had to comment on the coincidence – I made a re-read of Tropical Storm just a week ago. After almost 2 years without any FF on my reading list it just made me crave more classic awesomeness so I’m back on Madam President now. Kinda makes your mind travel back in time, eh 🙂

    • I’m in a nostalgic mood myself. All the old ones are suddenly calling my name again. Currently still on Dar and Kerry, I didn’t realise how many there were of those. Not to mention there is actually a completely new one that I’ve never read at all. It feels so luxurious. Then I’m thinking of doing the same with Madam President and maybe also The Growing. I can’t really remember that one, much, except robots and a lot lot lot of build-up and a weirdass ending. Also that it took days and days to read cause it was so long. I liked that. Sigh. The memories.

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