Urban wildlife.

I’m a city person. Urban is my home. Rural is the Other. Tarmac has caused most of my scars and I like it that way. It makes me feel safe and comfortable. In control maybe. The rustle of a nearby road. The occasional sirens. The people always moving, slamming doors, screeching tires, talking in the distance. Without it I feel a little lost and very small.

Yet I seldom realise how lucky I am to have this only twenty paces from my front door.

As I took a midday walk through the forest I decided I truly get the best of two worlds. Close to the city centre and the urban hustle and bustle, yet also this serene green surrounding me, offering me an opportunity to get a little lost for a few minutes or hours, depending on my stamina. It’s not just a matter of getting away from that urban smog (by literally turning my back on it), but everything is slightly distorted when you surround yourself with nature. I still hear the airplanes far off and above, but they become the roars of dragons. I think I see a woman walking her dog somewhere up ahead, but as easily she becomes a wounded knight battling a rabid wolf-beast.

I get to stop being me, I get to stop responsibilities and breathe and fantasise freely for an hour or so. That’s a nice little gift to give yourself. It puts a huge smile on your face as you stumble between brambles and slide down slippery ice covered paths full of tracks your imagination spin wild tales about.


~ by Ape on January 9, 2013.

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