“Cause you’re not that kinda girl.”

Bomb Girls is so melodramatic it makes me want to set my eyebrows on fire. And it’s so politically correct it makes me want to set your cat on fire. Yet it’s comforting, pretty and – addictive – like an especially beautiful chocolate bar. And now it’s back.

The first season was probably one of my favourites on television last year. It’s straight-up feminist herstory telling with set/prop porn and the added bonus of giving us a lesbian narrative of the events surrounding World War II. Like I said, it is melodramatic, but I have no problems accepting that. In a way it adds to the show’s charm and fits very well with a lot of these characters and where they’re at in their personal evolution (here’s looking at you, Gladys). Grand emotions and grand sets and grand history.

But lets face it, the real reason this stands out and has me lapping up its ozing boozing drama is the feminism, is the women. Ladies controlling the narrative, ladies controlling the fiction. Ladies controlling everything even when they’re not in control. Women everywhere. And it’s not some utopian fantasy where they’re all sisters and loving each other in a bohemian daze of “groovy”. No, it’s kinda real. Some of these women don’t get along, some of them do, some of them get along “too well”. Some of them are older, some of them are younger and desperately naive. Some of them are rich and some of them are dirt poor. The religious next to the secular, the vain and the wary. And they’ve got so many different points of view and so many differing opinions it’s hard to keep track. But almost all of them will at some point and somehow cross paths and form a connection or even a bond. It’s simply a lot of fun to watch all of them try to navigate this world that’s been blown open for them, a world of newfound freedoms that still clings to a very strict gender propriety.

First episode of the second series was very much in line with what we’ve got last year and it’s looking promising for the episodes to come. So bring it on. But please don’t break my heart too much with the hopelessness of Betty’s story.

Please don’t.


~ by Ape on January 5, 2013.

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