The Year of Literature – In Conclusion.

2012 was my year of literature. It was my intention to get lost in books. Really lost. Fly and flail around in as many worlds as possible. Gather and digest as much poetry and prose as I could get my hands on, to expand and explore my own mind.

Looking back at it, I have to say I feel quite content in my progress across imaginary land-, space- and dream-scapes. I even beat my own reading challenge which started out as 50 books in 52 weeks, got upgraded to 65 but turned into 69 books in 52 weeks. I’ve read a bit of everything, obviously a bias towards the queer, but undiscriminatory in my selection of genres, moving erratically between classics, the abstract, the real and contemporary fluff.

I in part blame (or better yet thank) my new job for the complete success. These past 52 weeks have also been my first year working as a bus driver. A dice decision that’s had a surprisingly positive outcome. A whole new world of perspectives explored and I won’t lie, I have enjoyed the stability it’s afforded me. Despite being a nomad at heart there’s been a comfort in the simplicity of a world with four walls and a regular paycheck. It’s not a passion, but that doesn’t stop many of the days from passing with a smile on my lips. It’s almost meditative to be driving these huge metallic and hydraulic whales across town. Not to mention I have a world of appreciation for the late nights and weekends where you’re allowed decent breaks between routes, breaks that’s been used getting lost in many many books. At least fifteen of those books I’ve gotten paid to read. And that’s the definition of sweeeet.

As a whole though it’s been a mellow year. No huge ups and no deep dips. Nothing beyond the regular rollercoaster that is my general mood at least. I wonder if in part that isn’t because of the literature. My mind has worked overtime to mellow out all the impressions in order to not explode under the pressure of having visited distant space colonies, been keelhauled by pirates, hunted dragons in Portland, fought oppressive cults in small town Sweden, battled deities and diseases, and fallen in love fifty times over.

To sum it all up, it’s been a good year. I shall remember the adventures, both tangible and those in my mind, fondly. But it’s with a wicked gleam in my eye that I’m looking forward to what 2013 – The Year of Writing will bring about. I’ve got a feeling this year is going to look a bit different. Maybe even a lot different. I’ll be going from reacting and exploring to acting and examining. It’ll be an interesting metaphysical break to say the least. But I do hope that I also stick to my reading regime. It’s been good for the soul to truly find my way back to reading for pleasure, something that the Academic world had killed a little.


~ by Ape on December 31, 2012.

3 Responses to “The Year of Literature – In Conclusion.”

  1. Inspiring! Sounds blissful.

  2. Would love to hear about the books that you found really great reads.

    • Oh, now that is a good idea. A perfect something to be tinkering with as the slight 2012 hang-over ebbs away. Cheers for the idea.

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