Snapshot Obsession and Geek Fashion.

Love love love fanvids. More than once they’ve been enough incentive to make me watch a show and there’s been many a time when they’ve fuelled an existing like until it burned like a love. A good vidmaker can make even the crappiest of storylines and shows become a little sparkling diamond. Artists will capitalise on the potential showrunners sometimes leaves untouched. Not to mention when you add music to images and stories they suddenly become explosive little powder kegs of potential emotio-explosions. Also it is 2-5 minutes of easy watching when you haven’t got the time or energy to do something “real”.

So I found myself leisurely browsing youtube for vids and came across this one;

It hit all the sweet spots on its own. Good music, perfectly timed and wetting your appetites for a show that doesn’t even come close to what this video seems to promise you. But that’s just a side-note, because the real story is of snapshot obsessions. I was rewatching the vid when my phone rang and I had to pause to go pick it up. When I returned to my screen this was the blurry freeze-frame that greeted me.

And that’s when it happened, the snapshot triggered my imagination to such a point I almost felt like I was drowning in it. Like having the inside of your knees tickled while swimming with stingrays. I developed this passionate longing for and couldn’t stop envisioning the female fantasy Hero. The Chosen One whose destiny it is to save the world, the kingdom and maybe even existence itself. But this time with boobs and a monthly cycle. A female Belgarion with a cape over her strong shoulders . A womanly FitzChivalry whose noble blood sets her apart as much as her dual and beastly nature does. Magic in her veins, courage in her heart, fire in her eyes. The Heroine ready to fight, to die, to practice swordsplay, eat cheese and bread, go on quests and ride horses into dungeons full of dark and sinister witchcraft. To fight against prophecy. To rebel against cruelty. Turn hopelessness into hope at the cost of maybe even her own soul. Her happiness replaced or at least put on hold by the need for the greater good to prevail so that she will set the annals of history right. It’s one single little snapshot, but I see all of that in there. The visual cinder that lit the mental firestorm that rages without control or direction, but with a single-minded focus and a burning intensity.

In turn it made me realise why I do like certain elements of Once Upon A Time even if I don’t like the show. Visually the fairytale side is a recreation of a lot of that old school fantasy that I grew up with. The breeches, the tunics, the capes, the braided hair, the leather, the fur-trimmings and the sturdy boots. I enjoy this shit. Some people watch Gossip Girl and fret over little black dresses, this is my equivalent. This is haute couture á la geek. Drape that motherfucker in an intricately woven mantle and give her a pair of finely laced hand-stitched boots and I’ll softly sigh as I suppress a swoon, wishing I could afford it or find an occasion that would justify wearing something similar.

Don’t mind me. I’m just going to sit here and think about stories I want someone to write and an aesthetic I’d like to see more of while I wait for the next fanvid to load.


~ by Ape on November 30, 2012.

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