Nothing compares to Spaced, nothing at all.

Last weekend I had a mini Spaced marathon and watched through the complete series in between cups of coffee and belly button picking. It was a good weekend. One of those incredibly lazy ones. Reminded me of the times of unemployment and slackerdom. Not a completely negative flashback even though a steady income and a more stable kind of life has been a blessing too.

Anyhow all of this introspective forced intimacy on my part is merely accidental and what I want to do was to praise Spaced. Nothing compares to that show. Nothing before and nothing since. It is the ultimate nerd show for, by and with nerds. Everything is a reference to something else and not in that tacky Family Guy way, no it’s more like everything is an homage to pop culture and nerd culture specifically. Yet at the same time it has plot, good plot, good characters, nuances and shit. You love them, all of them. You relate to them, to their situations yet even if they are so mundane that you see yourself and your own surroundings in them they are also perfected in the way good storytelling always romanticise anything and everything. You are them, you are there and at the same time you wish for nothing but to be like them, to find yourself in their shoes.

And the worst bit about all of this is how all fiction pales in comparison. How is anything supposed to hold a candle to this eternal flame of relatable awesomeness? Next to it every character becomes a shallow poodle of Hollywood clichés, every plot repetitive and derogatory nonsense you cannot possibly relate to.

I should have remembered that watching Spaced is always followed by that period of readjusting to the fictional reality again. It can be a long period, months even. You will find your way back to appreciating things that aren’t Spaced if you put your mind to it. But it takes time and you have to be careful. Best way is to use the nerd pride that the show promotes and tinker with those obsessions that were cause for you to be called geek at an early age and are still responsible for that descriptor being applicable. So right now my life is basically an endless parade of Science Fiction, Epic Fantasy and Video Games. Not that it’s much different from what life looks like normally, but I engage in these pastimes with a newfound fervour.

Hopefully as I gorge myself on these things I will gradually be reminded that Spaced isn’t perfection in itself but more of a symptom of a perfect lifestyle (subjectively perfect obviously). The show is a human-made canon, not a deity.


~ by Ape on November 30, 2012.

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