Chicago Fire might become my new favourite.

On paper it doesn’t really sound like something I’d enjoy. It’s a show about a fire station and follows the life and work of a bunch of Firefighters. It’s an ensemble cast full of testosterone with only two exceptions (two female EMTs who so far have taken on more of a supporting role). But since I heard it was going to feature a lesbian I had to at least check it out.

Watched the first episode and I can’t count the number of times I exasperatedly exclaimed “hate!sex!” while the two main characters Casey and Kelly interacted. The homoeroticism was out of this world in the pilot and I could have sworn that there would be buggery in one of the backrooms before the end credits appeared. There was no buggery to be had, but the subtext between the two male leads was delicious and fit very nicely in a show about something so exaggeratedly masculine as Firefighters. So even if the lesbian was nothing more than a blip on the deep sea radar at this point I was amused, entertained and gladly pressed play on episode two.

Episode two lead to episode three and now at episode four I feel like this could turn into something I enjoy on a weekly basis. The characters are well-crafted and the acting is good enough to flesh out the archetypes and give them an emotional core. The drama is…well it’s drama. Hollywood kind. But occasionally that’s what we want. It’s kinda a modern day ER. I have to say I like it. Even if they clearly toned down the male homoeroticism after the first episode.

Plus so far I’m enjoying the pants out of what they’re actually doing with the lesbian character. I’ve gotten so used to “lesbian” being just another word for a woman who sleeps with and flirts with men on television. So this is very refreshing to see a character who gets to verbally reinforce her sexuality in each episode and who’s also allowed to actually act as a homo lady. She doesn’t flirt with the guys and the guys don’t flirt with her. Definitely not a victim because of her sexuality but neither does it make her special or save her from the ribbing that comes with being a woman (and a dyke) in a male dominated workplace. She’s also got some very good platonic relationships with both her straight EMT partner (a woman) and her male roommate. Not to mention we’ve seen her casually date/sleep with one woman and spend time with another lesbian friend (where they referred to other shared lesbian friends). It’s like she’s an actual homo who does homo things. And in episode four an ex-girlfriend of hers was introduced only to give this supporting character a nice new depth and throw her into a whirlwind of actual emotions.

If this keeps up, this show will have one of the best lesbian storylines and representations on TV at the moment. Yes, I know it doesn’t take much for that to happen, but this is actually both realistic and entertaining. So fingers crossed they keep on doing what they’re doing.


~ by Ape on November 1, 2012.

One Response to “Chicago Fire might become my new favourite.”

  1. I’ll have to check it out.

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