Who knew?!

Sookie Stackhouse is a badass. I had no idea.

Like most everyone else I watched the first season of True Blood, because well you had to really. The show was a gratuitously camp gorefest. And there was a certain ridiculousness to it that mixed with good acting and impressive production values made the show amusing. But it was never anything amazing. In fact it felt very classical cable. Sex, blood and rock’n’roll.

After the two first seasons I dropped the show, because the hot mess wasn’t enough to really captivate my attention or make me beg for more. Especially not when there wasn’t a single character that I could truly emote with, it made the show too cold. Not to mention Sookie and Bill were seriously getting on my last nerve with their inane adventures.

However I’ve kept hearing good things about the books the show is based on. I’ve mostly frowned and scrunched my nose in distaste thinking it rode the same wave as Twilight. But my curiosity cannot be contained and I gave in. I’m glad I did, because I was sorely mistaken.

If the series can be judged by Dead Until Dark the Sookie Stackhouse novels are nothing like the show. Because this poke fun at vampires, feature a strong heroine who’s pretty damn good at standing up for and defending herself. And I thought they were romance novels, but turns out it’s more murder mystery and the romance isn’t even a traditional romance as much as it is a means to self-confidence for the protagonist. Plus the humour of it all is surprisingly dry for this humid romp through Louisiana’s swampy countryside  and it has a wide camp streak running down the middle painting the party fuchsia. And the tone is strangely unapologetic while being self-deprecating, a weird but successful mix. Best of all though has to be Sookie herself. So easily underestimate by those who are fools enough to think of her as foolish. She’s full of hidden or simply ignored strengths, and at the end of the day she gets to be her own hero, repeatedly. That’s sweet. Damn sweet.

I like being positively surprised.


~ by Ape on October 31, 2012.

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