The Power of Magic Milla

Last night I went to the cinema with two friends. Once the movie was over and as we folded up our 3D glasses we simultaneously giggled, “Oh Milla”. This continued for many many minutes.

Yes we saw Resident Evil: Retribution. Yes, it was a videogame of pow-wow effects. But it was also the perfect movie to see on the big screen on a lazy Sunday evening, and then there’s Milla. In 3D. Magic Milla, in 3D.

I am such a fan. I didn’t always used to be this way, in fact at first watch I despised her in The Fifth Element (later realised it wasn’t her so much as what was around her that I didn’t approve of), but over the years she’s won me over. Like a lot. There’s just something there. Alice is ridiculous and in a way so are the Resident Evil movies. But no one is more ridiculous than Alice. Her body oversexualised, she runs around in silly costumes, heels as high as kites and this scrawny tawny little figure of sticks and bones go against the giant hordes of evilery and kicks it ass flawlessly. She’s ridiculous, she’s silly, she wears a fucking napkin for gawds saké! Still there is something about Milla. She makes me…accept it. It’s as if she completely ignores how degrading that role could/should be. She ignores the notion that she is an superhuman object to be worshipped through the male gaze. She ignores all of that and puts on a face that is so emphatically serious that you find yourself buying it all.

Logically I know how stupid all of this is, but in the moment, I am there, my lips may be smiling, but I’m there and I accept her as that powerful tormented being for who she is, napkins and all. She just makes it work.  Where most everyone else would have me rolling my eyes and grinding my teeth she somehow transcends the cliché and the object and becomes so enjoyable that it takes several minutes before the elation and the “Oh Milla” giggles subside.

Oh Milla.


~ by Ape on October 1, 2012.

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