The dangers of living dangerously, and channel surfing.

Since I was old enough and big enough to be able to fit the TV remote in the palm of my hand I’ve enjoyed recreational channel surfing (I’ve come a long way since those 3 channels). It’s an easy pastime of mindless nothingness where shiny pictures parade in front of you at your command. A fun moment of playing totalitarian leader without the killing and oppression of hundreds of people. Still shiny parades of shiny pictures and people, and they do it all for you. It’s sweet, in that evil wicked way of vegetative coach potato-ry .

Or it used to be. With age came the taint. Because it’s stopped being wholesome fun and have turned into a treacherous mire of discontent. No longer can you surf at will and take pleasure, because your mind has grown enough to form opinions and experiences have expanded your view of the impact of fiction. Youthful idealism might be long gone, but as a replacement you’re left with jaded understanding.

And now as you surf you’ll mostly get your share of Ice Road Truckers or Masterchef Australia and you’ll enjoy that, the mindless droning of empty calories. It’s tasty in its fumbling foolery. But occasionally you’ll step into a sink hole and end up on 2 and a half men or worse, glee. You’ll see women reduced to hormonal and hysterical fuckbags completely devoid of personal agency. So if you’re not quick enough to change the channel, the thing that will parade in front of you is white male privilege so unapologetic it feels like a literal punch in the ovaries.

Once I finally get my fingers to flip to the next channel I always end up staring unseeingly at the screen with a blank expression on my face while I’m trying to figure out how this is allowed to be on TV. And the sad part of this is the acknowledgement that these two shows are only top of an iceberg. Anti-feminism is not just a movement that is growing culturally stronger by each day but it is also entertainment.

Then I remember that this entertainment iceberg is predominantly American and that in  parts of the US women aren’t even given the rights to their own bodies. So maybe I shouldn’t be surprised even if I weep. Anti-feminism spreads beyond, and far beyond, but the commercialisation of it seems to still be a mostly US phenomena. Or other countries at least have the decency to not export theirs.

In conclusion, I want more Canadian television on my television. Granted that might not have been the conclusion I started off trying to make, but I just realised I want more Lost Girl, more Bomb Girls. More television that sees women as independent human beings with a will of their own, a drive of their own and in some cases even a life of their own. Or if that’s too much to ask just have all the channels show Masterchef Australia all the time to minimise accidental ovary punches caused by hateful television. Because there is no way, no how I can give up my channel surfing ways. It’s just not happening. But someone has to do something about the anti-feminism. And preferably now.


~ by Ape on September 26, 2012.

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