“At around four to six months of age your infant may be ready to try solid foods.”

I watched the pilot of Revolution and I can’t remember the last time I came across something so formulaic. It was a crying shame, everything was so predictable that it wasn’t even laughable just painful. Same stories, same characters, same old.

Not sure if this is supposed to pass for an ensemble cast (most survivalist shows do), but the young Charlie is clearly the main character alongside her uncle Miles. Charlie is a pale and uncharismatic Katniss knock-off and my mind cannot come to terms with the idea of Billy Burke as a leading man (he’ll forever be the creepy rapist/serial killer who looks like Bella’s dad). So we’re off to a bad start.

Anyhow, the plot is fun in theory; electricity and power have been zapped out of the world which has given earth a chance to reclaim some of her space. As always bad men with guns rule the world and the small Amish-like villages struggle under their harsh whipping. Bandits and evil-doers and children with dirty faces. It’s nothing new even if the idea is as always thrilling.

Despite being a “television hour” full of cliché it wasn’t all bad though, because the first 3 minutes had me honestly excited to see Elizabeth Mitchell back on screen in something sci-fi related. But unfortunately she disappeared quickly and the next 38 minutes were actually that bad. Up until the last minute when the cryptic Algebra teacher got to do cryptic shit in her secret hidden dungeon, something that actually made me oooh a little. Almost so much that I want to watch the next episode, just to see if she gets more screen-time. Also because you just know Elizabeth Mitchell is going to return, there is no way her character is actually dead. We’ve seen this a thousand times before and those presumed dead always turn up very much alive at some point when it will rattle the other main characters the most. So maybe I will actually watch the next episode. Maybe.

Shame about the casting though. And shame about the lack of originality.

In short, Revolution can be summed up into; predigested baby formula for your eyes and ears. Nothing for your brain though. At least not yet.


~ by Ape on September 18, 2012.

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