Bookle Royale [week 38]

I read for fun and I read quite often. Which means that around once a week I have to start a new book. When I used to be poor this was not a problem. Then I took what little I could find. But with a steady income came a steady book consumption (as in I actually buy them, in bulk). This means the library from which I can now chose my next adventure is surprisingly big. And with a free market comes the indecision of having to make a decision.

Or at least until I invented Bookle Royale. It is a simple matter of placing the contenders in front of you and have their covers battle it out inside your imagination. It is a surprisingly entertaining game for all involved as long as you’re into humiliation in case someone walks past while you’re sat there staring at books with a weird, semi-evil, gleam in your eyes.

This week; in the left corner we have the glossy blue place and in the right the shimmering On Basilisk Station.

Which turned out to not be much of a fight at all, because the crotching lady doesn’t stand a chance against the space lynx. You never ever show your crotch to a lynx, them’s the rules. Plus beret (beret!). So Basilisk Station here I come.


~ by Ape on September 17, 2012.

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