You are a grown woman!

I doubt I’m the only one that finds television depressing. It kills the soul. At least if your soul hasn’t yet abandoned self-respect. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t have a lot of it left, but enough to make television as a rule painful.

For the simple reason that TV doesn’t think much of women. Lets not kid ourselves, because even the majority of those shows that feature “strong women” still treat said characters as inanimate objects. They’re always decoration, the Christmas lights twirled around the front porch. And I mean I’m gay enough to briefly enjoy watching the camp display of many colours (unfortunate metaphor, cause…really not true) twinkle in time to Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer, but only briefly. Then comes the inevitable moment of sigh, ugh and fuck. Does it really cost that much to have a woman exist beyond a vessel of attraction? Apparently it does.

Which is where cartoons come in. And mind you, not adult cartoons, because as a rule those are even worse than live action shows. No, children’s cartoons. That’s the shit. Partly because their gender display is off compared to the adult world. A boy and a girl is not the same thing as a man and a woman, and most cartoons feature boys and girls over adults. I’m not saying the division isn’t as noticeable or as rigid, because it often is (boys are adventurers and girls are adorable). But what we as an audience and society expect of a young boy and a young girl does not fit as easily into the adult norms and leave more room for playing (pun intended). The very young are still seen as works-in-progress and therefore given more leeway and gives you an opportunity to appreciate smalls steps outside the box. And most importantly, the sexualisation of the female characters is far more conservative as a rule. Not saying it doesn’t exist, because it does (sigh, ugh and fuck) but in a very limited amount. Perhaps that’s the main reason you should be watching more children’s cartoons, because I think we all could get used to seeing the female sex as more than sex. Something which you’re much more likely to find in television aimed at the very young, because that is probably the only market not actively tailored to sate the libido of the 18-40 male.


~ by Ape on September 16, 2012.

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