Brun Thornbuckle, I hardly know you.

But I wish I did. Oh, how I wish I did.

Or come to think of it, maybe I don’t. No, this mystery is so much sweeter than the reality surely must be. Because right now I have the image of Bubbles the Hero blazing in my mind’s eye. The slowly emerging strengths and determination. I can sit here and imagine how she’ll transform into the woman she wants to be by being allowed to become the girl she used to be.

It’s another case of a minor character steeling the full extent of my attention and imagination. I was happily strolling through Hunting Party (by Elizabeth Moon) and I enjoyed both leads, a lot. But then Bubbles wrestled hold of the narrative and even if the author forced her to relinquish her hold of it too quickly, she never lost her hold on me. To the point that I ended up putting the book down feeling a little cheated I wasn’t treated to more of the maturing Brun. This initial blonde ditz who only needed a little pushing to start shoving is going to be so much more. She’s got the means, she’s got the role models (Serrano for the discipline and Cecelia for the social courage), she’s got the attitude and she’s finally got her eyes up above the ground between her feet.

Aw man. I wanna know more about Brun Thornbuckle. I wanna sit here and dream about this character. And I know she returns later in the Legacy series, but there is no way she can possibly live up to my expectations. Not when she’s sparked my imagination like this.

My suffering is most sweet and my pain not the least bit bitter. Still I dream and long and think of the many ways Bubbles will continue her journey towards becoming Brun. Never denying where she comes from, but building beyond what people have decided for her. She’ll be a hero, a rogue, a fighter, a dreamer, a realist, an opportunist, a presence, a fool, a romantic, a Captain, a pirate, a politician, a soldier, a failure and a success. She’ll be whatever she damn will wants to become. And it’s fun to just imagine it all.

The best kind of characters are never those meant for greatness, but those sneaking up on you from the sidelines. Those characters not even the author have the courage to truly engage, because they probably know they’ll steal the show and their attention at the cost of all else.

Brun Thornbuckle stole my attention, I’ll just sit here patiently and wait for her to decide it’s time to hand it back. In the meantime lets go on a few adventures in my head.

What other characters have done the same thing to you?


~ by Ape on September 16, 2012.

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