My eyes weep for all those things that cannot be unseen.

When you least expect it you find beauty. It can be this maddening little grain of inspiration in the middle of a silly pop song. Or even a gentle beat that matches your heart, found in some random symphony by some random person dead many times over. But no matter its source, finding beauty in music is easy even if it’s surprising. It’s like tying your shoes and falling up the stairs easy.

So once you’ve found the beauty you end up cultivating it through obsession, like one does. You listen to the song until you bleed, it bleeds, everyone and all keep keep bleeding love.

Then comes the awkward moment when you decide to expand your horizons by watching the music video. And that’s the moment your innocence dies because it turns out that which you thought you loved is just more drug romanticising hipster bullshit.

This seems to be a rule to which the only certain exceptions are Tina Turner (because of the shuffling) and Uh Huh Her (because of the dwarf unicorn).


~ by Ape on September 15, 2012.

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